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About Us

Hi! Thank you for your interest. My name is Amy. Am a military wife and mom to three boys. First started selling on ebay in 2001. As things grew I started a website in 2005. Over the years have stocked up on many older titles that you can't find anywhere else. Purchasing mostly from publishers, artists and shop owners. In fall of 2017 I bought land and moved it to my property. My hours are not typical during the week as I work evenings and weekends sometimes instead of during the day. Emails will be returned within 24 hours and shipping is Monday-Friday. Shipping same or next day depending on when they come in. I carry a wide selection of books, patterns and back issue magazines. You will find new releases,
out of print, rare, and vintage books all in one place. Most items are brand new condition. Some out
of print items may be gently used or shelfworn.

We are located in Richmond Hill, Georgia.

About the books we carry......

Conditions: We always list the condition in the description.

Brand New
Books listed as new or brand new are shiny right from the publisher and you are the first owner. We
have been stocking up on books for years and have many titles in stock that you can only find here.

Old Store Stock
Books listed as old store stock are items that came from a retail shop but are not shiny and perfect.
We do buyouts now and then from retiring tole shop owners. May have minor storage wear and or a price
sticker that won't come off.

We do carry some used rare books too. We sometimes buy out collections from estates and such. In some
cases we have multiple copies of a rare used book in like new, very good and good condition. We always
pick the BEST copy we have on hand to send you. Most of our used books have just a minor amount of wear
and maybe a price sticker. We throw away any items that present an odor, paint or missing pages.

Thank you for stopping by our site!