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Hemp Jewelry - Marty Hite
    Hemp Jewelry - Marty Hite
    Purchase Hemp Jewelry - Marty Hite
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      Hemp Jewelry - Marty Hite

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    Title: Hemp Jewelry
    Author: Marty Hite
    Publisher: Hot Off The Press
    Copyright: 1997
    Pages: 16
    Condition: Brand New
    Category: Beading - Jewelry
    Type: Hemp

    25 great jewelry pieces for today.
    Step by Step diagrams,uses inexpensive materials, pre-tested firections
    No Experience Needed

    Thunderbird Necklace
    Square Knot Choker
    Yin/Yang World Bracelet
    Red/Green Fish Necklace
    Tube Bead Bracelet
    Beaded Choker with Filigree
    Buffalo Charm Pendant
    Spiral Sunflower Necklace
    Beaded Keyring
    Alternating Spiral Necklace
    Five-Bead Choker
    Toadstool Bracelet
    Around the World Choker & Mushroom Choker
    Interupted Square Knot Choker
    Wooden Pony Bead Choker
    Lacy Beaded Choker
    Buttonhole Choker
    Plain But Pretty Choker
    Openwork Choker
    Openwork Bracelet
    Purple Center Bead Bracelet
    Green Center Bead Bracelet
    Super-Simple Zodiac Necklace
    Double/Single Square Knot Choker