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Frequently Asked Questions

We are working on this page now and will be adding to it as questions are asked.

Q.Where do you ship to?

We are discontinuing international shipping for time being. This rate chart shows international rares. The chart will be redone if I make it permanent. Shipping & Return Info

Q.Are your items new or used?

Many of our items are brand new condition. However we do have used and unsold store inventory titles too. The condition is listed in the description. Here are better explanations.

Brand New Books: shiny right from the publisher and you are the first owner.

Old Store Stock Books: came from a retail shop. Item may have minor scuffing, price sticker or more moderate wear.

Used: minor amount of wear and maybe a price sticker. Clearance books may have more moderate cover wear. We throw out books that have any odor, paint or missing pages. There may however be some minor/neat writing we miss.

Q.What does OOP Mean?

OOP means a book is "out of print". We label a book out of print when it is no longer available direct from the publisher.